Thursday, 26 July 2012

More Tangles!

Hi folks, I have a couple of pieces to show you today. I was watching a video on the Zentangle Blog yesterday, learning how to draw the Aura Knot. I love this design, and the technique looked achievable. I followed the instructions, and this is what I managed to come up with:

I took my time, and found this so relaxing to draw. I can see myself drawing these all of the time!

I was working on another project earlier in the week, using a Peacock stamped image, and parts of it reminded me of Zentangle patterns. I decided to use it as a focal point for a piece of Zentangle Inspired Art. I looked through some of my books for patterns that appealed to me, and learnt how to draw them, as most of them are still new to me! A couple of designs reminded me of peacock's feathers, so they had to be included in the finished project.

Clockwise from the top, I have used Cadent, Peacock Tail, Crescent Moon, Flux, Jester and Nzeppel.
It's a bit busy, but it's the first time that I have tried something like this. It was fun, and I will certainly try mixing stamps and tangles again. I am certainly enjoying this tangling process!

Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My first proper Zentangle!

Hi folks, I' thought I'd give you an update as to how I'm getting on with my tangling. I've been practising a bit more, working through the set of Zentangle books by Suzanne McNeill. I am moving through Book 3 now, and so felt that it ws probably time to try a Zentangle of my own rather than just copying what is in the books.

Over on the Chocolate Baroque Ning group, we have a Zentangle group. We have set ourselves the challenge over a couple of weeks, of drawing a Zentangle with a 'Z' string. We are a newly formed group, so we decided to start ourselves off gently. I decided to use patterns in my design that I really liked, so I chose Pokeroot to use for the string itself; this is a leaf design which you can draw in a cluster, or as a winding length. I used Trentwith, an Art Nouveau design with a Rennie Macintosh rose in the pattern. I also chose Facets, as I love to add the shading to this one, and Yincut because it is so relaxing to draw. Finally, I added Swirls for its free flowing nature.

I took my time drawing this design, it was meant to be my practice piece, as it is still in my drawing book, not on a piece of watercolour paper. However, it turned out better than I expected. It's not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but hey, that's what I aspire to. I love looking at some of the fabulous artwork out there and I am inspired. I'll just keep practising in the meantime.

Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Getting started

Hi Folks, I've decided to set a seperate blog up to deal with my Zentangle bits and pieces. I can't promise to keep it well maintained, goodness knows, I have enough trouble keeping my other blog up to date! However, here I am, making a start.

I have become increasingly interested in the whole business of Zentangle inspired Art over the past few months, seeing artwork on other peoples' blogs. It is fascinating to look at, and some of the designs are beautiful. I have read that tangling is meant to help with your concentration and memory. Well, mine can do with lots of help! It is meant to help you relax and to relieve stress, and I can do with lots of help with that as well. So it seems to me, that tangling has to be a very good thing all round.

I have armed myself with a couple of Zentangle books, and have been practising some of the basic designs.

I decided that I needed to walk before I could run, and it has been quite relaxing to draw these in front of the TV over a few evenings when I've had a spare few minutes.

I've treated myself to a lovely kit from America which contains a DVD, some tiles to draw designs on, a couple of pens, a pencil and a die. This is to throw to randomly assign which patterns to use in your design if you wish.
The website, is full of great resources, and has great tutorials for drawing the Zentangle designs.

Well, that's all for now, hopefully I'll have a little bit more to show you in my next post. Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx