Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A challenge completed

Recently over on the Chocolate Baroque Zentangle Group, we decided to set ourselves the challenge of using this string:
This is taken from the Tanglepatterns.com website, a great source of inspiration for those of you looking for Zentangle information.

I chose to draw two designs, the first, using some new designs that I hadn't used before, but that had caught my eye. My focal image is Mooka, I'd seen it around, and really like it. So, I decided to give it a go. It's not that easy in a triangle format, but I hooked one of the three designs under the other two, and then the pattern worked. I've used Printemps, but in a larger format than I do normally, Knightsbridge, Paradox, Buttercup, Heartline, and Oof, (Out of Focus).
My second design is a nod to the Olympics. I couldn't let it pass without some kind of tribute. I have really enjoyed watching the events that I have managed to catch. I've spent a lot of evenings with my OH marvelling at the brilliance of the past few weeks, and the outstanding endeavours of our athletes, and those of our neighbours as well. There have been some memories that will stay with me for a long time, and I think that the whole thing was staged brilliantly. The crowds were uplifting, and it was simply memorable. I remember watching the Olympics growing up when there was less choice on TV, sat with my family. I loved the athletics and the gymnastics then, not much has changed. I enjoyed watching some of the Olympics with my Dad this time around, that was priceless for me, as he lives so far away.

I have drawn this piece of ZIA in colour, and used a piece of poetic licence, as my Olympic rings are not a Zentangle pattern. However, I wanted to get them in my design. They are a bit wobbly, as they are quite intricate to draw, and I'm still new to this mullarkey! I have used Intersection for the British flag,(what else!), Pokerleaf to represent the flames, Dandelion Seed to represent the fireworks, and Tufted Leaves to represent the crowds.
This is purely a bit of fun, but I really enjoyed finding patterns to fulfill my brief, and to tangle in colour was very refreshing. I used some Stabilo Fineliner pens left over from my Art Club days. They are 0.4mm nibs.I've used the official Zentangle tiles for the first time, and I've found that they bleed a bit in comparison to my usual watercolour paper which is a very good one. I used Sakura Micron pens and they bled as well, so once I've used these tiles up, I think that I'll go back to my watercolour paper, as I prefer the finish.

I have another work in progress, so hopefully, I'll be back before too long. Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx