Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Alphatags a final flourish

Hi Folks, long time, no see, I know. I was very poorly before Christmas, aand this little blog was one of the things that got neglected, I'm afraid. Anyway, I'd like to show you a tag that I made recently for the Chocolate Baroque Alphatag swap. You wouldn't have to guess too hard, that I made a 'Z' for Zentangle tag this time around!

I used some stamps from Chocolate Baroque of course, as the basis of my design, choosing a large open flower, and a smaller clear stamp in the shape of a butterfly that is already decorated with designs. I covered my tag, using the wrinkle free distress method, picking up colour from my craft sheet. I also coloured a second tag to use for stamping elements for decoupage, like the butterfly, in a slightly different colour.

I stamped a portion of the flower onto my tag, as it is too large to be stamped as a complete image. I filled in the various sections of the flower, and then added some colour using pencils. I also added pencil highlights to the butterfly.

I chose to add a border to the tag which symbolises good health. The outer petal design symbolises happiness. So, hopefully, my recipient will get a little bit of both in 2013. I already know who has received my tag, she was the organiser of the entire swap, and she put so much work into the whole thing for us all.

I hope to be back sooner than the last time, as I really enjoyed putting this tag together. Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx