Monday, 24 September 2012

All About Zentangles, Online Course

Hi Folks, sorry it's been a little while since my last post. If you follow my main blog, you will have see that I have been gadding about all over the place. Unfortunately, I am due to set off again at the end of the week for another round of travels, but then hopefully, I will be home again for a bit.

I have recently started the All About Zentangles class run by Marie Browning for MCC. I like their classes, they are reasonably priced, easy to access, and available 24 hours a day, so you can dip into them whenever you have the time. I actually have three on the go at the moment! I am a glutton for punishment with my busy schedule, but I am enjoying the variety of them all.

Marie's class is great, starting at the beginning, and it is so inspirational. I have her book, 'Time to Tangle with Colors', which is amazing, so I knew that I had to take this class. The artwork that is being posted by the other students is fabulous as well, a real treat.

Anyway, this first week, we were encouraged to draw a tile with a basic string, and some tangles within the string, incorporating some shading. Here is my tile:
Now, I had never drawn Nekton before, and I made a mistake at the start. I had been really happy with how the rest of the tile had gone, so I decided to just finish the tile with the error in place. I can live with it.

My second tile is dealing with drawing within shapes, using circles. I just drew around whatever craft supplies I had sitting on my desk. I then used some of my favourite tangles to fill the spaces; Cadent, Keeko, Nzeppel, Knightsbridge and Yincut.
My last sample for today uses linking hearts to tangle. I used a couple of Paper Artsy die cuts to draw around, then drew the smallest heart freehand. This design took ages, as I take forever to choose my patterns. I need to be a bit less selective I think!

I am really looking forward to the next lesson of the class, to see what Marie has in store for us this week.

Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx


  1. Wow Judith these are brilliant I especially love the hearts one
    Jackie x

  2. This is a good course isn't it? Love what you've done for 'homework', especially the shapes with tangles in them (not done that yet). I had problems with Nekton as I'd not drawn it before but I keep telling myself 'there are no mistakes'!!

  3. Hi Judith, you are great with the tangles, they look lovely and have real depth.....when I have more time I would love to tangle.....maybe in a next life....warm greet Miranda

  4. The circular tangles just took my breath away with the dimension you created, espcially with your shading. I have to agree the gallery is so instructive too & Marie has put so much into the course material. It's super to be sharing the experience with you & Val too - it makes such a difference when one 'knows' some of the participants.
    Take care with all the travelly bits too.
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - I too struggled with Nekton.

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  6. Wwo , great Zen tangles project , I really love your Art!!!