Saturday, 21 July 2012

Getting started

Hi Folks, I've decided to set a seperate blog up to deal with my Zentangle bits and pieces. I can't promise to keep it well maintained, goodness knows, I have enough trouble keeping my other blog up to date! However, here I am, making a start.

I have become increasingly interested in the whole business of Zentangle inspired Art over the past few months, seeing artwork on other peoples' blogs. It is fascinating to look at, and some of the designs are beautiful. I have read that tangling is meant to help with your concentration and memory. Well, mine can do with lots of help! It is meant to help you relax and to relieve stress, and I can do with lots of help with that as well. So it seems to me, that tangling has to be a very good thing all round.

I have armed myself with a couple of Zentangle books, and have been practising some of the basic designs.

I decided that I needed to walk before I could run, and it has been quite relaxing to draw these in front of the TV over a few evenings when I've had a spare few minutes.

I've treated myself to a lovely kit from America which contains a DVD, some tiles to draw designs on, a couple of pens, a pencil and a die. This is to throw to randomly assign which patterns to use in your design if you wish.
The website, is full of great resources, and has great tutorials for drawing the Zentangle designs.

Well, that's all for now, hopefully I'll have a little bit more to show you in my next post. Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx


  1. Oh brilliant - thrilled to see you doing this.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Great - I know what you mean about keeping two blogs going which is why I just added a tabbed page to my blog at least for the time being. (Can't work out how to get a new post to appear on that page though). You've been doing plenty of practising with the patterns - something maybe I should do instead of diving straight in!

  3. You have been busy Judith, some lovely tangling there and your box of goodies looks scrummy, I'm hoping to have a practice tonight so I can join in the challenge.
    Claire xx

  4. I meant to say that you've really inspired me to have a go at the little sample tiles too - I'd not thought of that before I saw yours, but it makes such logical sense, back to my favourite scenario of the apprentice copying his Master in order to learn...... I do keep trying to run but ever since you first mentioned (can't remember where but I KNOW it was you)
    that about walking first I only need to stop a moment & I remember & realise why I'm having trouble.
    Paula (PEP)