Thursday, 26 July 2012

More Tangles!

Hi folks, I have a couple of pieces to show you today. I was watching a video on the Zentangle Blog yesterday, learning how to draw the Aura Knot. I love this design, and the technique looked achievable. I followed the instructions, and this is what I managed to come up with:

I took my time, and found this so relaxing to draw. I can see myself drawing these all of the time!

I was working on another project earlier in the week, using a Peacock stamped image, and parts of it reminded me of Zentangle patterns. I decided to use it as a focal point for a piece of Zentangle Inspired Art. I looked through some of my books for patterns that appealed to me, and learnt how to draw them, as most of them are still new to me! A couple of designs reminded me of peacock's feathers, so they had to be included in the finished project.

Clockwise from the top, I have used Cadent, Peacock Tail, Crescent Moon, Flux, Jester and Nzeppel.
It's a bit busy, but it's the first time that I have tried something like this. It was fun, and I will certainly try mixing stamps and tangles again. I am certainly enjoying this tangling process!

Thanks for stopping by, Judith xx


  1. These are both great and yes the aura knot is a lovely one to draw. I like what you've done incorporationg the peacock too - not tried using stamps myself yet but I have a 'few' I could try LOL!!

  2. Hi Judith, great tangle with the peacock!That auraknot is also great, I love watching the video tutorial LOL, now I have got to find the time to tangle.......I did join the group but for now my contribution is still not much....hope to get in that 'flow' and maybe it will lead me to other roads.....warm greet Mirandaxx

  3. I love the way you incorporated the peacock image with the tangles & used appropriate shapes. I love the way that you have moved outwards from the peacock. My one attempt was right at the start before I knew very much so I need to revisit that one. I too love the auraknot - great fun in so many ways. I have to agree with you that I'm thrilled to have begun the tangling journey & completely stunned by what can be achieved.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. I find these very interesting, and I love the peacock and the way you put the zentangle around the outside.

    Sue x

  5. Beautiful Zentangle work Judith, thanks for sharing at your new blog :) I also have bought a few books on Zentangle, but need to 'focus' on getting started properly instead of just 'winging' it. Take care, Shirley

  6. This is new to me too but you seem to be off and running with Zentangle designs, they look so good. I love what you've posted and I also popped into the Zentangle link you told us about, lots there to learn yet. I posted my first attempt at Zentangle, I think I made up some of the pattern when I was at it, getting lost along the way. It turned out not too bad, so I posted it on my blog last Tuesday, if you want to see it.

  7. I forgot to say I'm following you here too now Judith. Thanks for letting me know about your new blog.